Is buying a degree ok?

Is buying a degree ok?

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Is buying a degree ok?

A lot of people ask themselves whether buying a degree is right or wrong, particularly since higher education enforces a perspective in which it could never be ethical to purchase a certificate. Before answering the question, it is noteworthy to remark that the academic environment has a lot to gain from this attitude, as people will behave towards a degree in a different manner than they would when thinking about food or electronic gadgets. Therefore, these arguments are biased to say the least, due to the fact that colleges themselves have changed their outlook on education a lot in the past 30 years. If, before 2000, you would still have open courses and lectures that are free for everyone to attend, this is not the case anymore – every bit of effort done by a professor must be accounted for, paid by the student and taxed by the state.

The capitalization of the academic environment

Maybe before the 1970s, buying a degree and attending college were separate things, but nowadays there is barely a difference. With the introduction of the Bologna system in European countries and the above stated attitude of U.S. higher education, society is looking to explain every little bit of intellectual endeavor according to what it’s worth. Consequently, an education system is created in which the main goal is not wisdom, or even personal development, but creating capital worth. This is the reason why open courses are a rarity nowadays. At the end of the day, graduating from college means nothing more than fulfilling the official requirements imposed by an institution – which vary a lot, even in the same countries – and, in one way or another, paying tuition fees. Essentially, you are buying a degree from the moment you enter college up until you are awarded your diploma.

Is buying a degree ok?Why aren’t Universities admitting to selling degrees?

The main reason would be the lack of productivity of this honesty, since very few if any students would then seek to actually attend college. As it is today, the information you are required to learn for your exams has almost nothing to do with what you are required to do when getting hired afterwards, making it a financially unwise attitude for the academic environment. Furthermore, society accepts this contract proposed by higher education as graduating from college provides the job offer market with an added degree of certainty regarding an individual’s abilities. Since this standard may vary a lot, the 21st century employers are a new generation of individuals that develop their own techniques of testing an applicant’s aptitudes and rely very little on academic titles. In fact, especially in the IT sector, more than 40% of the employees do not have an official qualification, relying on their informal and individually developed skills, no college, professors or academic environment.

There’s nothing stopping you from buying a degree

Provided that you are already versed in the tasks, both theoretical and practical that may be required of you when working in a certain position, there is nothing stopping you from buying a degree today. In fact, it would be the best decision you can make, since college would be too costly in terms of time and financial requirements. We do advise you take a closer look at the people you’re about to purchase your certificate from, since buying a degree can also mean buying a diploma that is not recognized. For you and your career’s safety, it’s essential for you to buy a degree through a website similar to our own, that is from a reliable degree provider.